In UCC Kung Fu, we practice a wide arrangement of styles, and each style is complementary to nearly all weapons. Rather than each weapon having a style of its own (though that is also possible), every unarmed technique and pattern can be executed just as easily and in the same manner with a weapon on hand.

We have nunchakus, staffs and other assorted weapons that we train with. At first weapons training may seem scary or intimidating but initially it starts off with stretches with the weapon that you get used to it and then it moves onto basic strikes and blocks.

One of the more noticeable weapon of choice for UCC Kung Fu is our nunchaku. One of the theories of where this odd style of weapon came to be is when farmers had to protect themselves from bandits but were not allowed to carry swords because martial arts was an art only for the aristocrats. What they did possess was a flail used to thresh (loosen) rice or soybeans. Many theories circulate over whether this is true or not but regardless even though the nunchaku aren’t the most popular weapon of choice, it is a great tool for practice, which we use to this day.