About UCC Kung Fu/Fu Lung Chuan

On a hilltop of Ancient China, there stood a temple of grandiose proportions, its size hidden in the mist of the mountain air. Inside housed countless monks that believed in their code of patience, nature and hard-work but their peaceful martial life was about to be compromised when the fire nation attacked.. just kidding!

UCC Kung Fu was founded in Cork as was Fu Lung Chuan, the school where our teachings originate while a long story of invasion and revenge would fit among the kung fu movie plot lines we are so used to. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way and the truth is more straight-forward. Sometimes.

UCC Kung Fu pride ourselves to be  part of a small faction of Fu Lung Chuan School of Kung Fu lead by our fearless teacher Michael o’ Meara. Back in the days of old, a ragtag group of UCC students aspired to learn and practice Kung Fu so they sought out Michael who was known for having a school that has lasted decades, maybe even centuries but that is an argument for another time haha.

Fu Lung Chuan has always had an open-door policy, we always like to see new faces, it’s a big step to join Kung Fu, an even bigger step to come back….

Kung Fu means ‘hard work’. Many join to build strength, learn self-defence or to just take a step closer to the cartoons and anime we grew up with (guilty! hehe) but no matter what the initial thought was, Kung Fu just accepts and teaches because whatever you put in, you get back ten-fold.